Taco Express…or not.

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After a week of feeling crappy (pun intended), today I have felt pretty decent. So, Madison and I hopped on the bikes and took a two mile trip down to the new Taco Express, where it took over 20 minutes to get our food…hmmmm. Oh well, the food was good, and the trip with my girl was beautiful. To add a little excitement to the evening, my friend from church Daniel Peterson thought it would be funny to hide my bike as he and his family left the restaurant…yeah, not funny.

So are you feeling crazy? Take a walk or a bike ride…I’m always amazed at how simple things make me happy again.



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I went and saw the Gastrointestinal Specialist today. He was a nice guy, with an accent that sounded like he was from Boston. He told me that he was perplexed by my symptoms as well, and after smashing around on my stomach for awhile informed me that not only would I be getting a colonoscopy, but also an endoscopy as well…and that this would all take place a week from this Friday. In case your not counting, that’s 9 whole days from now. Boo. Waiting is not something I generally do well.

In the mean time, thanks again for all of your prayers. It has been overwhelming. I still have peace about all of this…and who knows, with any luck I’ll write a song about colonoscopies…would make a great Pocket album hidden track!


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photo-1So I just finished a great writing session on a song titled “Offering” with my bro’s Michael Boggs and Chad Cates. The goal was to write a very missional song…I think we did! Can’t give you the melody yet, but heres the lyric rough for your perusal! Would love to hear how God is challenging you to be more mission minded…who’ll be first?!

Copyright 2009

Oh God you hear the cry
Of the ones we’ve thrown aside
You feel the pain of those in need
Every orphan with no home
The broken widow all alone
Lord would you reach to them through me, through me

Break my heart for what breaks yours
Move my hands as you move yours
I lay down my life and give you everything
Let this be my offering

Lord we lay down our plans
And forsake the ways of man
Teach us to humbly walk with you
Love and Justice is your song
Boldly we sing along
We’ll live this life you’ve called us too…all for you.

Break our hearts for what breaks yours
Move our hands as you move yours
We lay down our lives and give you everything
Let this be our offering

For the sake of those you died for
And the glory yet to come
We are yours to use completely
Jesus let your will be done

Break our hearts for what breaks yours
Move our hands as you move yours
We lay down our lives and give you everything
Let this be our offering

Hugs, Apologies, and Graduation Day…

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Madison and I...So my oldest daughter Madison graduates out of Middle School this morning and officially becomes a High School student. There is just no way around the cliche…time has truly flown by. At barely 37, I don’t feel old enough to have a High Schooler…but here I am.

I guess one “positive” for having kids at a young age is simply energy. Alisa and I are young enough to keep up with the insanely fast-paced live of our girls with only a minimal amount of fall out. Another “positive” is that there is less of a gap in how we relate to modern culture, so we end up enjoying a lot of the same stuff which makes for some cool moments along the way. Though not the ultimate goal of parenting, it is certainly not a bad thing to have your kids think that you are somewhat connected and cool!

I would have to say that the biggest “negative” for me in having kids so young is my own lack of life experience. For better or worse, my kids are now keenly aware that Dad is still trying to figure a lot of things out in his own life. They get to see most all of my responses and reactions to life…unfiltered, uncut, and completely void of the wisdom and experience of an older parent. I also seem to have to apologize quite frequently, especially to my oldest Madison. My apologies have often ended with the phrase, “I’m sorry, I’ve never had a 13 year old before”, or what ever the corresponding year might have been. She’s always forgiven me, which in turn fuels yet again the pursuit of being the worlds greatest Dad…or at least one that she still loves and respects when she’s 25.

In the end, I can only pray that my passionate, fumbling, confusing, yet honest attempts at all of this rings a bell of clarity deep in her heart. That somehow, thousands of hugs and almost as many apologies teaches her the amazing depths of Grace and the power of unfailing Love. For what I may lack in answers to her hard questions, I can only pray that she finds herself more intimately knowing the One who truly holds all the answers. I hope that my triumph’s inspire her, and that my failures become her wisdom and resolve.

About the only thing I know for sure is that it’s really not about how good a Dad I can be, but about the goodness of our Father in Heaven. Without this knowledge, I’d be a wreck…instead, I’ll sleep well tonight, grateful that I get to be apart of my children’s journey, yet knowing that my Girls are in better hands than mine.

Congratulations Madison…you are an amazing young woman!

Pocket Vid from the INSPIRE Conference last week…

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A little bit of random footage from our nite at the INSPIRE Conference last week…including the song “Wonderful”…enjoy!

Thank You…

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images I don’t know that I have ever felt as humbled as I do right now by your¬†response¬†and prayers…sincerely, Thank You!

A Prayer request…

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So this is not exactly how I was planning to revive my blog…but here we go. To be quite honest, I wasn’t sure if the following information was something that I should even make public, mainly for fear of seeming overly dramatic. Hopefully,you know that I am NOT that guy, and my reason for going ahead and sharing it is because I truly believe that the combined power of prayer is an amazing thing.

This last Friday I went to see a Doctor. I have had a pain in my right side for about 8 weeks, though it has never been unbearable, until last Wednesday. When it continued through Thursday and into Friday I decided I should have it checked out. The Doctor at Vandy Clinic had suspicions that it was my gall bladder. But upon further examination she discovered that I was VERY tender in my lower left abdomen. She ordered blood work and a Cat-scan, which revealed that something is wrong with my colon. She then proceeded to to inform me that the possible suspects were Crohn’s Disease,, Ulcerative Colitis, or Cancer. Obviously, I don’t like any of these options! They have me scheduled for a more “invasive” procedure this coming Thursday to get a definitive answer.

All that being said, I believe with all my heart that the results will show that this is nothing as serious as their early diagnosis. Though it has messed with my emotions for a few days, I have peace about it all. I’m simply asking you all to Pray. I wish I had some great theological revelation to give you about all of this, but I don’t. It’s just me learning to trust the Father a little more deeply. I believe His story for my life is very different than what I heard last Friday! Thank you all in advance for your Prayers…I will keep you updated.