Madison’s Big Trip

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Alisa and I just dropped Madison off at the airport for her big D.C/NYC trip. And as smart and mature as she is for 13, and even on a school trip, it was still a little weird for me to watch her going through security on her own. But alas, our babies grow up!

The Smithsonian, the White House, the Holocaust Museum, Ground Zero, Statue of Liberty, and Wicked on Broadway, the Empire State Building…the girl has got an amazing week ahead of her…and Daddy’s got a whole lot more prayer time planned!



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So I earned some major brownie points today buying tickets for Wicked for my 3 women. Not being a big theater buff, I did not purchase a ticket for myself, though I admit that there is a certain cool factor going on with Wicked. So I’m just wondering…are there any MALES out there who have seen Wicked who would care to give me a review? If it’s as cool as it looks I might be scrambling to find myself a ticket. Help me out here gentlemen.

Thanks Bart…

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stats So this is what happens when Bart Millard tweets your otherwise sleepy little blog link. Of course, I’m quite certain that todays stats will send me cascading into a deep depression, but it was glorious for at least a day! To have found myself even slightly in the statistical stratosphere of Brody Harper and Carlos Whittaker is more than I could have dreamed. I can only hope that the hat that started all of this commotion continues to bring me this kind of favor. Thank again Mr. Millard…you are the man.

Because Bart Millard is the coolest…

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I bought this hat! In the past I have held a contest so you all could vote on a variety of options…but since Bart (from Mercy Me in case you didn’t know) started styling this kind of hat, it’s just kinda settled for me. Bart is one of my heros…first in music, and now in hats. Thanks Mr. Millard…your an inspiration to us all!
Photo 16

Let It Rain…

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Most of you know that this song has been around since 1999. There was know way for us to know when we wrote that it would become an anthem for us and a lot of other folks. And now for the first time ever it’s getting the full studio treatment. At first I was skeptical, thinking that the “live” anointing would somehow get lost…was I ever wrong! This tune is turning into a monster…and to this point it is the only tune that has brought tears to my eyes just listening back in the studio…and we’ve yet to add strings & a choir! And to top it off, today as Ryan starting tracking more guitars, it started raining. Supernatural or not, it makes me smile.

Cant wait for you all to hear it!

Pocket Hires A New Drummer!

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HAHAHAHAHA! The boys have always made fun of the jungle theme in this intro…couldnt resist! Think we’ll keep Mr. Rollins…less hair in the van!

Yeah, this definitely made me smile.

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