Madison’s Big Trip

Alisa and I just dropped Madison off at the airport for her big D.C/NYC trip. And as smart and mature as she is for 13, and even on a school trip, it was still a little weird for me to watch her going through security on her own. But alas, our babies grow up!

The Smithsonian, the White House, the Holocaust Museum, Ground Zero, Statue of Liberty, and Wicked on Broadway, the Empire State Building…the girl has got an amazing week ahead of her…and Daddy’s got a whole lot more prayer time planned!


2 Responses to “Madison’s Big Trip”

  1. I remember that feeling. 8th graders. Chaperones. Kind of scary. Now she’s almost 23. Just graduated from Baylor 3 weeks ago. Employed (yeah).
    Her first flight without mom & dad, though, was to see her step-sisters in Cleveland. I think she was 12. I got physically ill, I was so nervous. From Amarillo, every route goes through Dallas. I was scared to death about the change of planes in Dallas. No friends to buddy with, no adult. But, she did it! She is a seasoned traveler now. She has been to Germany twice with iWitness (igoglobal) missions out of Dallas. She played club volleyball & traveled the U.S. Our babies grow up & mature. Sometimes without us. But, independence is a good thing for a select few kids. We still talk several times a day (already twice today before church!). It is a journey of maturity for all of us. Thanks for the memory. 🙂


  2. marshaynes Says:

    please tell me your daughter was not at the holocoust museum when that “incident” occurred !

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