Ducks, Bucks, & Jesus…Hello Texas.

Ducks Bucks & Jesus
Yep…I know for sure I have crossed the border into the great Mother Land of Texas…though I am honestly at a loss for a caption on this pic. Maybe it’s that Jesus loves Ducks and Bucks…or maybe it a prayer that Jesus would help this person kill more Ducks and Bucks…I’m pretty sure Jesus didn’t eat Ducks and Bucks…your suggestions are welcome…I’m pretty sure there is a song in all of this somewhere. Fire away folks.


2 Responses to “Ducks, Bucks, & Jesus…Hello Texas.”

  1. jcarsoncreative Says:

    Perhaps a cross over country, gospel, environmental tune?

  2. zsjordan Says:

    well some people believe the bible is a little inaccurate. Jesus actually fed the multitude with local wildlife. he sent the disciples out and they shot 5 ducks and killed 2 bucks.

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