So I earned some major brownie points today buying tickets for Wicked for my 3 women. Not being a big theater buff, I did not purchase a ticket for myself, though I admit that there is a certain cool factor going on with Wicked. So I’m just wondering…are there any MALES out there who have seen Wicked who would care to give me a review? If it’s as cool as it looks I might be scrambling to find myself a ticket. Help me out here gentlemen.


7 Responses to “Wicked.”

  1. Jeff Hulsizer Says:

    A good friend and former pastor loves Wicked (as does his whole family) and has seen it (I think in Chicago, maybe New York) but the premise is cool. It’s like the Wizard of Oz on hormone replacement therapy! He’s on facebook Robert Francis. Look him up, he’ll tell you more than what you want to know. The music is awesome though, heard some of that on Sirrus Radio.


  2. Its a quality show. Its music theater, but its done so well. I saw it in Chicago, and it was really good. and i’m a dude.

  3. Joshua Knight Says:


    Find you a ticket. Absolutely the best show on Broadway. Im not a theatre guy myself, but would love to see WICKED again. Unless it was on a night that PFOR was in town. Dude Go.



  4. Ray Lowe Says:

    Michael…Ray Lowe here. Long time no talk to. Yes, I actually went to see “Wicked” in LA last year. It was amazing. I wasn’t really anxious to go, but boy, was I surprised. Got to meet several of the cast members afterwards. I was totally blown away. And yes, I would go again. I think you would like it. Better get a ticket.

  5. I saw Wicked in LA right before the end of its run there. The show was good. The first half was amazing… The 2nd half was OK. But it was worth seeing (once).

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