Thanks Bart…

stats So this is what happens when Bart Millard tweets your otherwise sleepy little blog link. Of course, I’m quite certain that todays stats will send me cascading into a deep depression, but it was glorious for at least a day! To have found myself even slightly in the statistical stratosphere of Brody Harper and Carlos Whittaker is more than I could have dreamed. I can only hope that the hat that started all of this commotion continues to bring me this kind of favor. Thank again Mr. Millard…you are the man.


2 Responses to “Thanks Bart…”

  1. That was too funny when Bart responded!! Am so glad last week’s tests turned out ok. What an amazing thing Brody is doing that brings so many people together. It is such a great “God thing”. Nice to meet you! Nice help with that unscheduled triathalon last night! 🙂 +

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